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CSTA was created by Mr. Robert F. Caton, President in January of 1992 and the office location is at 8 Floral Lane in St. James, New York. CSTA with a small staff of three, is presently looking toward developing a large consulting firm that can assist air-cargo industry members to look objectively at their operations and upgrade the level of service. 

CSTA principle customers have been air-carriers who recognize the need to upgrade old methods and look to streamline their cargo handling process. Creating procedures, modifying internal documents, and analyzing operational flow are essential elements in the reduction of air-cargo handling events. 

As the air-cargo industry begins to focus on the progressive services being offered by integrated carriers, freight forwarders and air-cargo carriers need technical assistance to enhance their service product. Since the trend over the past several years has been to out-source some operational services to Ground Handling Companies, there has become a tremendous need for knowledgeable air-cargo technical professionals, who can focus on traditional handling methods and look to structure new handling processes. "Modifying air-cargo handling methods today, while thinking about tomorrow." 

Between 1992-1995, there has been minimal activity in the pursuit by air-cargo industry members to look at service improvements. However since 1996 and the growing concern over the Cargo 2000 Initiative, there has been an overwhelming interest throughout the entire industry to focus attention on technology and it's relation toward improving service. 

There has been three primary developments within the air-cargo industry that has evolved as a result of concern over service, "Cargo 2000 ", the industry migration toward "ISO 9000" certification and the continued growth of "Logistics" related developments to be used as a salable service product. It therefore become easy to see why there is such a growing interest in the types of technical services offered by CSTA. 

All three of these items deal with the need to look at operational and handling functions to either see how information technology can be integrated into cargo handling (Cargo 2000), evaluate and write procedures geared around air-cargo handling (ISO 9000) and develop operational areas to provide value added product distribution service's for customers (Logistics). 

There also has become a need for more industry specific training that takes into account high turnover and the cost associated with training. CSTA has developed training programs that are molded around industry requirements of today. 



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