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In 1996, CSTA had created two New Boeing 747 Freighter Load Strategies, which are being introduced in 1999. The strategies can be used on all 747 Freighter's presently in operation today and are designed to increase volumetric capacity from 170-500 cubic feet, depending on which strategy is used. The innovative significance can best be seen when comparing the engineering used by Boeing to re-develop the 747-400 to accommodate 1 more main deck position, while CSTA using innovative load techniques, increased cubic volume by nearly 1 main deck position.

CSTA has developed cost sensitive air-cargo training classes, designed to increase knowledge of inexperienced air-cargo employees. Introductory, Agent, Warehouse, and Supervisor training are all in the process of being completed. 

CSTA also provides a service it calls "Cargo Load Engineering" for shippers looking to minimize handling of large pieces of machinery. This service is provided principally for the benefit of shippers, yet forwarders and air-carriers contract this service from us. The objective is that CSTA and Shippers together discuss what items need to be removed from an assembled piece of machinery, which will allow it to fit inside an aircraft. This practice reduces the amount of disassembly required from the shipper and re-assembly needed when reaching the consignee.

CSTA provides air-cargo operational and technical consulting to freight forwarders, air-carriers and more recently ground handling companies. The scope of work depends upon the need of the individual organization contracting services

CSTA has developed a weight and balance spreadsheet using MS Excel for use on an MD-11 Freighter Aircraft. Developed in 1996 modified 1998. 

In 1998, CSTA obtained a consulting contract to help market bar-coding equipment to the air-cargo industry. The contract consists of both flat rate consulting services along with shared revenue for new business generation.

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