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Present Projects

CSTA has introduced electronic data transfer for the movement of Dangerous Goods. Now under consideration and evaluation by IATA (International Air Transport Association).

CSTA is working to expand the use of 2 dimensional bar-codes for use in data scanning communication with US Customs. 

CSTA because of its small size is presently limited in the amount of services 
it can actively pursue. The demand for services to meet the needs of the air-cargo industry to integrate technology, ISO 9000 preparation, and Logistical service development, provides a large actively growing market sector, directly related to air-cargo handling. Therefore, there is a need for operational and innovative air-cargo technicians that can move the industry in a new more service sensitive direction. CSTA in the year 2000 will expand in-order to meet the rapidly growing service needs of the industry. Our future objective will be to build a strong technical air-cargo handling team, that will have the ability to train on the operational use of innovative technology, plus troubleshoot and solve service related handling problems. 

CSTA continues to promote the concept of a Centralized Forwarder Warehouse Facility. The CFWF is designed around the non-integrated industry need to offer integrated services while sharing the cost in order to keep competitive. 


Marketing Analysis

CSTA primary customers are air-cargo industry members.

As the entire industry is poised, ready to move toward the utilization of technology, it must look to integrate technology into air-cargo handling. This has been outlined in the "Cargo 2000" IATA technology initiative. The members of the industry need to use air-cargo technical consultants that have the ability to look at today's technology and find how it best can service the air-cargo industry.

Today technology is not integrated into air-cargo handling yet is added on to already existing processes. This in-turn means that through the use of technology, additional links are added to the air-cargo handling chain, when technology should look to reduce them. 

CSTA is involved with the integration of bar-code technology into the many aspects of the air-cargo handling process. Today the most sophisticated bar-code technology can reduce an item as difficult as air-waybill data entry into an electronic data capture process. Many of the problems associated with handling can be minimized with the careful integration of bar-code technology while at the same time modifying old processes. CSTA has also developed the fundamental ABCD's of the minimum handling requirements of data that requires capture. Arrival, Build-up, Check-in, Delivery



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